Who Can Benefit from Compression Therapy?

June 20, 2018 - Category Compression Therapy

Compression Therapy San Antonio,Compression Therapy Treatment San AntonioCompression therapy is a well-known, useful treatment that can be beneficial for many people. Even though compression therapy is typically used to treat medical conditions, it can be extremely beneficial for many people without a medical diagnosis. Compression therapy can be especially beneficial if you take part in activities that could cause stress to your connective tissue and joints, or that could cause circulation and blood flow problems. Some activities may surprise you since they can affect both highly active people and those whose jobs or lifestyles require long periods of minimum movement or too much standing. Below are a few people who can benefit from compression therapy –


  • Athletes – repetitive, high-intensity activity – from running to weight lifting to jumping – puts you at risk of muscle fatigue, sprains, and tears. Compression therapy can help to keep muscles warm and increase blood flow to deliver oxygen to the muscles. This will reduce soreness and improve recovery times.
  • Frequent Flyers – long periods of immobility and cramped seating cause poor circulation, which can lead to deep vein thrombosis (DVT) The use of compression therapy can reduce swelling and improve circulation.
  • Lymphedema or Post-Surgery Patients – surgery can affect the lymph nodes and cause disruptions in lymphatic flow. Symptoms of this include swelling, aching and discomfort and limited range of motion. Compression therapy helps improve lymphatic circulation, reducing fluid build-up and swelling.
  • Nurses or Retail Workers – spending the work day on your feet can lead to both short and long-term health issues throughout the body such as varicose veins, foot/leg fatigue, and back/joint pain. Compression therapy can increase lower extremity blood and lymph circulation and maintain proper alignment when you are fatigued.
  • Pregnant Women – hormonal changes, additional weight, and fetal positioning during pregnancy can cause swollen feet/ankles, varicose veins, and lower back pain. Compression therapy can provide increased support and relief from common swelling, fatigue, and aches during pregnancy.


Compression therapy can benefit various people for various reasons. K2 CryoSpa offers top of the line compression therapy in San Antonio! Contact us today at (210) 616-2295 or visit our website for more information!

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