Nutritional IV Therapy

Superior Hydration

Do you have issues staying properly hydrated despite drinking vast amounts of water daily? Or do you have an issue drinking the recommended amount of water? Regular use of Nutritional IV Therapy might be just the solution for your problem. Rather than taking the normal 9 hours to hydrate your cells, one 1,000mL IV bag takes less than an hour to provide your body with proper hydration by bypassing your digestive system and directly entering your bloodstream. In addition to its immediate absorption, Nutritional IV Therapy also provides the proper mix of electrolytes most people lack in order to have proper hydration.

How Often Should You Get an IV?

When deciding on how often to receive one of our Nutritional IV treatments, you should listen to your body as it is your best indicator of what needs to be done. However, as a general rule of thumb it is beneficial to get an IV treatment anywhere from once a month the once a week!

Effective Cleanse

Making full use of its ability to affect your cells directly and immediately, with the correct mix of vitamins provided here at K2 Cryospa, Nutritional IV Therapy will provide you with a thorough cleanse at the cellular level that you feel immediately after treatment.

Immediate Nutrition

Another benefit of having Nutritional IV Therapy is NUTRITION! If you feel the telltale signs of becoming sick or feel like you’re sluggish and in a mental fog, we provide a mix of vitamins and nutrients that help you perform and feel better. From Vitamin C to Magnesium, to our B-Complex, all of our ingredients are 100% organic and fast acting.


Help amplify your results dramatically with the addition of NAD to your Nutritional IV Therapy! NAD is a powerful coenzyme found in every living thing that energizes your cells, provides a rapid and effective detox, and speeds up the regeneration process. This is vital in increasing energy levels, enhancing muscle recovery, and reducing inflammation. Visit us at K2 Cryospa to get your treatment now!

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