Trending Weight Loss Treatments and Their Benefits

January 29, 2018 - Category Natural Weight Loss

Studies have shown that almost 38 percent of adults in the United States are suffering from obesity. Given that losing weight is often a long, tedious process, many feel they cannot commit to it and simply do not try. For this reason, there have been many practices and procedures created as a means of providing an alternative for weight loss, as well as other issues that lower one’s quality of life or self-confidence. Those seeking natural weight loss should consider trying the following services, which not only help eliminate excess weight, but also have additional health benefits, such as improved metabolism and immunity.


Conducted by a trained and certified K2 Cryospa technician, the first cryotherapy appointment may take anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes. During the initial appointment, clients will receive information about how the process works and will be able to ask any questions they may have about the process. The subsequent appointments take on average just 5-7 minutes.

The following is an overview of the phases of the process:

Phase 1: Relax

Clients must enter the chamber wearing minimal clothing, as 90 percent of the skin must be exposed to the cool temperatures in order for the procedure to be most effective. Moreover, clients should not apply lotion to the skin for at least an hour before the session, as it may impede the effectiveness of the procedure.

During the first 2-3 minutes of the session, the temperature is set at -210F. This helps to force the blood away from the peripheral tissue and toward the core. While the blood is in the core, the body works naturally to remove toxins as well as boost anti-inflammatory properties of the bloodstream.

Phase 2: Rejuvenate

Following the first phase, once the client exits the cryotherapy chamber, their filtered blood flows back to the peripheral tissue with the toxins removed and also enriched with nutrients, enzymes as well as oxygen. Following this part of the process, the blood begins to warm, and this helps to enrich skin and muscles while also increasing the range of motion. This makes for a great anti-inflammatory effect.

Phase 3: Restore

The subsequent 38 hours after the treatment will leave the body in the process of restoration, which helps the body return to a state of reduced pain and inflammation and also makes for increased energy levels. Clients begin to see noticeable improvements, for instance, recovery time following a workout as well as an injury will be shortened and improved.

The Benefits of Cryotherapy

With the most notable benefit being weight loss, cryotherapy also improves the following:

  • Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Cellulite
  • Stress
  • Dermatitis
  • Depression
  • Dry skin
  • Acne
  • Recovery time after workouts
  • Rate of skin repair
  • Metabolism
  • Joint function
  • Rate of detoxification
  • Energy
  • Fitness performance
  • Collagen production

Compression Therapy

K2 Cryospa’s compression therapy is being heralded as one of the most innovative compression therapy treatments in San Antonio, Texas. This treatment uses NormaTec’s patented sequential PULSE technology, which is distinctly different from compression devices in that it uses three different massage techniques in one: pulse, gradient hold and distal release. When these techniques are combined, the body is better able to speed up the recovery process.

Moreover, this therapy decreases muscle fatigue and is now being used to help reduce stiffness, improve recovery time, and increase range of motion. This is why a wide variety of athletes — including many NFL, NBA and NHL teams — use this therapy. Furthermore, compression therapy helps reduce pain and swelling, as well as promoting natural weight loss.

Far Infrared Sauna

K2 Cryospa’s infrared sauna can burn up to 600 calories per session. It also improves metabolism by increasing fluid circulation — which can promote weight loss. In addition, the sauna offers the body the following benefits:

  • Relief of muscle and joint pain
  • Ease of joint stiffness
  • Boosting of immune system functions
  • Increase in overall blood flow
  • Improved skin texture and rejuvenated skin

Vitamin B-12 Shots

Most people who suffer from B-12 deficiency tend to lose weight after receiving a B-12 injection. The reason this is said to work is that the body needs a certain level of vitamins and nutrients to function normally. In fact, studies have shown that being deficient in just one nutrient can cause the metabolism to behave sluggishly. However, a B-12 injection triggers the body to eliminate the excess fat cells it had stored for protection. Moreover, this kind of shot aids in energy production, nerve cell health, red blood cell formation, metabolism and mood-boosting, as well as neurological function.

Overall, B-12 lipotropic injections are safe and have no associated side effects or risks. Nevertheless, consulting with one’s physician before deciding to receive B-12 injections is recommended. Ideal for those who lack energy and are experiencing a reduction in their metabolism rates, B-12 injections are a fantastic way to improve one’s health overall and aid in weight loss.

Despite having an array of other benefits, all of the procedures listed here can help promote natural, rapid weight loss. For those who reside in San Antonio, Texas, and need help with weight loss, reducing inflammation and much more, contact K2 Cryospa and schedule a consultation today!

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