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January 19, 2018 - Category Natural Weight Loss

Healthy eating and regular exercise are the foundation of a slim, fit body. Unfortunately, even people with the most disciplined diets and workout routines don’t always get the results they want. Today’s stressful lifestyles can lead to excess pounds, and the impact of genetics, medications and certain medical conditions can make it impossible to reach weight goals. Some individuals turn to invasive cosmetic procedures to remove unwanted fat, but for many, these solutions are unappealing. Luckily, advances in technology offer new options to lose weight naturally. These are just a few of the methods available for natural weight loss in San Antonio.


The body is an amazing machine, and it comes complete with a variety of innovative ways to protect against dangerous conditions. For example, when exposed to cold temperatures, all systems work overtime to transport resources to the vital organs. This phenomenon is the reason why fingers and toes are always the first to feel chilly. The body protects vital organs from the cold, warms the extremities up when outside temperatures permit and burn a significant number of calories. Cryotherapy capitalizes on the body’s natural process to create conditions that increase calorie consumption.

Each cryotherapy session lasts between two and four minutes. Clients step into the cryotherapy chamber with most of their skin exposed. However, clients must wear protective gear on their feet and hands to protect against frostbite. In most cases, men also wear cotton underwear. Using nitrogen gas, the chamber’s temperature abruptly drops to shockingly low temperatures – at least -100 degrees Fahrenheit. Fortunately, by the time most people start to feel too cold, the session is over.

Fans of the treatment describe the experience as invigorating and energizing, and most who try it once come back for additional sessions. Each of these natural weight loss treatments may burn up to 800 calories, which makes it much easier to reach weight loss goals.

Compression Therapy

Athletes have used compression therapy for decades. It has been shown to reduce stiffness and achiness that comes with vigorous activity. When administered properly, this treatment aids in the healing process so that injured muscles recover more quickly. These benefits alone may support weight loss, as less pain leads to an improved ability to exercise. However, compression therapy is now being used as a stand-alone natural weight loss solution.

One of the most advanced compression therapy devices is NormaTec’s patented sequential PULSE technology. This system offers far more than simple compression. Through sequential massages, the NormaTec device actively works the targeted body part to ensure maximum results. NormaTec uses three separate techniques to achieve weight loss goals.

The device compresses in pulses, then releases. Clients say it feels a lot like the kneading and stroking that takes place during a standard sports massage. Gradients hold pressure to prevent fluid from being forced in the wrong direction. The distal release is carefully timed to give muscles the appropriate amount of rest without interrupting the rhythm of the compression treatment. The NormaTec compression sleeves can be used on arms, legs, shoulders, lower back, and hips. In essence, this treatment offers an opportunity for full-body relief.

Far Infrared Saunas

The dry heat of saunas has been a staple in healthcare since ancient times. Sauna treatments give the body an opportunity to sweat, which releases toxins, speeds metabolism and relieves pain in the muscles and joints. For many, spending time in a sauna improves blood flow, increasing metabolism through better circulation. Clients report having more energy, softer skin, stronger immune systems and a healthy overall glow. Standard sauna treatments can even support natural weight loss, as the body uses up to 600 calories per session.

Far infrared saunas may not be as well-known, but they are rapidly gathering a following. They offer all of the benefits of a traditional sauna, along with a few extras. Standard saunas use a heat source that warms the air within the sauna, which in turn warms the people who are inside. Far infrared saunas use light to warm people directly, without impacting the air temperatures. These saunas rely on a soft, radiant heat source that is gentler on skin than standard saunas. As a result, heat penetrates more deeply, which accelerates detoxification.

Far infrared saunas don’t reach the same high temperatures as traditional options, which make them an excellent choice for individuals who cannot tolerate the heat of standard saunas. The infrared heat source creates less moisture buildup, which makes the air drier and more comfortable for users. Best of all, warm-up time is much faster, which means clients can begin their treatments right away.

The experts at K2 Cryospa are specially trained to design a treatment plan that is just right for each client. This business is locally owned, so patients benefit from the skill and experience of practitioners who live and work in their community. The professionals at K2 Cryospa are devoted to providing gentle, supportive care throughout the treatment process, helping clients achieve their weight loss goals. Start your journey to better health and improved confidence by making an appointment today. Call (210) 616-2295 to speak with a natural weight loss treatment San Antonio specialist.

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