Everything You Need to Know About Far Infrared Sauna

January 19, 2018 - Category Infrared Sauna

It’s no secret that saunas offer health benefits. Studies have indicated that saunas can be instrumental in improving depression symptoms, enhancing relaxation, protecting the brain, reducing the intensity of pain and accelerating recovery. Saunas are also a great way to wind down indoors and continue your normal relaxation routine despite the weather outside. But the type of sauna services you use can play an important part in enhancing those benefits. Far infrared–the furthest light on the solar spectrum (IR-C)– is increasingly becoming a popular sauna service treatment option thanks to its many advantages. This form of technology uses light to produce heat that directly warms up your body, unlike traditional saunas that warm the air with heat. There are a ton of benefits that far infrared saunas bring. Here are some advantages to consider:

You Can Use It to Enhance Recovery and Reduce Chronic Pain

Recovering from an injury is already a feat in itself. But when you tack on consistent pain then it can make the entire process worse. But far infrared saunas can provide a solution for improving chronic pain and recovery. Studies have shown that IR therapy is effective for reducing pain in the lower back. It can provide relief to sore muscles by relaxing them with increased blood flow.

You Can Use It to Rejuvenate Your Skin

Since far infrared saunas use heat to directly warm your body, your skin gets to experience its direct benefits. Studies have also shown that far infrared light technology can be beneficial in enhancing the skin. This is because far-infrared wavelengths have been known to stimulate tissues and cells.

It’s Instrumental in Circulating Blood Flow and Healthy Heart Promotion

It’s key to circulate your blood because it’s one of the most vital functions of your body that keeps you alive and healthy. It helps to prevent fatal blood clots and enhances your blood with oxygen. This is all important for enhanced heart health. Maintaining a healthy heart is important for prolonging your life. You can use a far infrared sauna to help support heart health because you get to practice relaxation in the sauna. Additionally, you can use a far infrared sauna to help increase blood flow and circulate your blood thanks to its ability to help directly increase your core body temperature. When your core body temperature increases, you increase blood flow circulation. This is possible because far infrared saunas use infrared panels to create infrared waves. These waves of energy pass through your body and raise your body temperature to produce results similar to exercise, such as excessive sweating, which helps to increase blood circulation.

It’s Safe to Use

While nothing is 100-percent guaranteed, far infrared saunas offer a safer advantage than traditional saunas. Because traditional saunas produce heat conditions that can make your body vigorously sweat, it’s plausible to experience overheating or dehydration if you’re not paying attention to your body. Far infrared saunas frequently provide a safer way to heat your body thanks to the skin’s direct absorption of the heat source. Traditional saunas require more heating action to deliver the same results as an infrared sauna. On the other hand, far infrared technology uses a particular wavelength to heat your body that your skin can immediately absorb. It does this all without the need to warm the air around you, which can further increase the humidity and heat.

As with any health facility you use, it’s important to put best practices in place to reduce your chances of injury. When it comes to any sauna, there are a few things you want to keep in mind:

  • Stay away from alcohol. You may relax in a tub at home with a glass of your favorite wine, but it’s no place for the sauna. Outside of the fact that you can lose your balance by drinking too much and increase your chances of injury, alcohol works to raise your blood pressure when you have too much. Leave your drink for after the sauna so you can safely enjoy your experience.
  • Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water to keep hydrated during your sauna visit. Also, don’t stay too long. You can often get what you need in about 15-20 minutes.
  • Pay attention to your body. If you’re feeling uncomfortable, don’t ignore your body. If you feel lightheaded, sick or dizzy, it’s time to leave the sauna. Pay attention to your body when it “speaks.”

It Helps with Improving Your Overall Quality of Life

Mental well-being is important to improving quality of life, and relaxation provides a key part in improving your mental health. Thus, it’s important to de-stress. When you spend time in a far infrared sauna, you’re making time to relax. Your mind needs time to relieve itself from the stresses of the day or week, whether it be from work or home. Relaxing also gives you time to think–or not. When you relax, you can also relieve feelings of anxiety and practice a calm state. Some studies have even shown that it can enhance your sleep quality.

Soothing Sauna Services in San Antonio

Finding the right far infrared sauna service is instrumental in gaining the relaxing and therapeutic benefits of this technology. If you’re ready to experience soothing sauna services in the San Antonio area, try K2 CRYOSPA’s far infrared sauna. You’ll be able to safely experience the relaxing benefit the sauna can offer you so you can enhance your well-being.

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