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January 19, 2018 - Category Compression Therapy

Exercise and athletic activities often cause sore muscles, a common occurrence with any type of physical exertion. This soreness is temporary, but it can make it difficult to exercise or participate in sports regularly. Compression therapy offers a natural way to ease muscle pain and shorten recovery time for those who want to be physically active on a regular basis.

What Defines This Therapy?

This therapy is a type of treatment that helps promote blood flow to the extremities. This type of therapy is traditionally used to help those with conditions that affect the veins, such as chronic venous insufficiency, but those who participate in athletic activities or exercise regularly can also benefit from it. It involves the use of compression sleeves that are designed to increase pressure in certain areas.

Why Is This Therapy Used?

Those who suffer from muscle pain after physical activity typically have to wait until it subsides before exercising or playing sports again. This therapy helps soreness subside in a shorter amount of time, making it possible to get back to working out or participating in sports sooner. In fact, athletes from several sports organizations, such as the NFL, NHL, NBA and NCAA, have used t. This form of muscle treatment has also been used by the members of US Olympic Committee, as well as the US Navy SEALs.

How Does This Therapy Work?

Therapies promote healthy blood flow and applies pressure to targeted areas to prevent fluids from building up. This pressure helps move waste products and fluid out of the affected area, easing inflammation, pain and stiffness. This action makes it possible for muscles to recover from physical exertion faster than they would on their own. Devices, such as certain compression sleeves, make use of PULSE technology, which includes pulsing action, gradient hold and distal release.

  • Pulsing action supports the movement of fluids from the affected area
  • Gradient hold applies consistent pressure to the affected area, which prevents fluids from accumulating in this area
  • Distal release stops fluids from moving back into the affected area

How Can This Therapy Assist with Weight Loss?

This therapy provides a natural way to promote weight loss rather than relying on diet pills or undergoing invasive procedures to remove excess fat. Wearing compression sleeves results in faster recovery time after exercise or athletic activities, which helps ensure that those who want to lose weight are able to stay physically active more often. Increased physical activity, especially when it occurs on a regular basis, leads to weight loss. Sleeves can also help break up cellulite in certain areas, such as on the legs, which helps improve the appearance of areas that have excess fat.

What Are the Benefits of This Therapy?

It provides a number of important health benefits for athletes and others who use it. Benefits include:

  • Eases muscle fatigue after physical activity, resulting in less discomfort
  • Reduces stiffness in affected muscles, which helps reduce the risk of damage to the area
  • Speeds up recovery time by promoting the flow of oxygen and nutrients to damaged tissue, which are needed for the healing process
  • Relieves swelling, soreness and inflammation in affected areas
  • Improves range of motion in the treated area, which can result in improved athletic performance and a lower risk of injuries

How Long Does This Therapy Take?

The amount of time that compression sleeves have to be worn varies based on different factors, such as the severity of muscle pain and whether or not there are any injuries in the affected area. Those who regularly experience muscle pain and stiffness after exercising or playing sports might benefit from having therapy on a routine basis. Others might only need to have it once in a while, such as those training for a sporting or athletic event.

Is This Therapy Safe?

This therapy is considered a safe form of treatment for many people, as long as compression sleeves are worn as instructed. These sleeves are designed to fit tightly on the affected part of the body, but they should not be tight enough to restrict blood flow to the area. Those who undergo this therapy can typically combine it with other forms of treatment for muscle pain, such as ice and rest. Those with injuries should be evaluated to ensure that this therapy is safe to use, especially for more severe injuries.

K2 Cryospa offers compression therapy in the San Antonio area using PULSE technology from NormaTec. Those who have muscle tension or pain can wear these compression sleeves on their leg, shoulder, arm, hips or lower back, depending on which muscles are affected. Please contact K2 Cryospa to schedule an appointment and to find out more about this therapy to reduce recovery time and help improve athletic performance.

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