5 Benefits of CyroSkin Treatments

April 6, 2018 - Category CryoSkin treatment

Cyroskin treatments

New to the United States is a treatment known as CryoSkin. It originally started and France, then moved to New York and has recently been introduced to the San Antonio Texas area. The innovative technology is at the forefront of weight loss techniques, aiding those that are interested in toning their bodies. CryoSkin uses two different temperature treatments that will stimulate the cells in the body- resulting in several types of benefits depending on the location you target. Here are some of the benefits and changes that one can see when using CryoSkin:

  1. Cellulite Reduction. Cellulite is an annoying feature of the body that causes the person who has it to feel self-conscious and insecure. The technology that is implemented in CryoSkin Slimming stimulates the cells that cause cellulite. During the procedure these cells are destroyed, and visual appearance of the cellulite disappears. The skin becomes toned, smooth, and beautiful leading to an increase in confidence in the patient.
  2. Clear Skin. Like the way that the body creates new cells and rids those that cause the cellulite, it can also create clearer skin. In the lifting and facial treatments, the cells in the skin undergo the same procedure where they are destroyed, and new cells are created. These new cells will clear damaged skin and create healthy more vibrant skin as well.
  3. Wrinkle Reduction. During the lifting procedure the stimulated cells will lift and bring new life to the skin. The stimulated cells increase skin regeneration and will reduce the number of wrinkles that appear. This is one of the major benefits to the CryoSkin lifting process.
  4. Weight Loss. One of major benefits to CryoSkin’s Slimming procedure is the effect that it has on weight loss! If you are suffering and have been trying for so long to lose the last couple of pounds off your body- CryoSkin can help. The procedure slowly uses hot and frigid air exposure to destroy that fat cells that are in the body. As these cells are destroyed the patient gradually loses inches off their waist.
  5. Toxin Flush. During the same slimming procedure, when the cells are being destroyed, the body is ridding it’s self of these dead cells and other toxins. It might take a couple of weeks after the session for the body to be completely rid of the toxins that were released. It is after this time that the client can come back for another treatment.

There are many several reasons that one has for being interested in or wanting to pursue Cryotherapy. If you are interested in a natural weight loss technique to rid yourself of cellulite and those pesky few pounds- CryoSkin is the answer. K2 Cryospa is the first location in San Antonio, and even Texas, to provide CryoSkin to its clients. If you are interested in learning more about the treatment- or any of our other wellness tactics contact us at K2 today!


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